Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Did you grow up in a home with a problem drinker? If you did, you may have been impacted more than you know. Adult Children of Alcoholics share several common characteristics. They tend to feel different or isolated and uneasy with other people. They are intimidated by authority figures or people who are angry. They seek approval from others and lose themselves in the process. They are people-pleasers.
They feel responsible for other people and put their needs before their own. They are terrified of abandonment, and will do almost anything to maintain a relationship even (or especially) if it is unhealthy. They tend to hide their feelings both as children and as adults. They often confuse love with pity and tend to love people they can rescue. They thrive on drama rather than healthy relationships because that is what they grew up with. They often become alcoholics, marry alcoholics or both. The list goes on.
On this episode of The Bubble Hour our guests share their experience both with growing up in an alcoholic home and in a home with someone in recovery. 
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  1. I love your show and listen all the time. Today is day 109 alcohol free for me. I strongly related to this topic not because my parents were alcoholic, but because like so many I grew up without adult supervision and without the social rules of a standard family. My father died when I was four, my mother had Multiple Sclerosis, so I took care of her more than she could take care of me. I don't want to blame my drinking on this, I made many wrong choices on my own-- but it certainly started me off at only 14 years old. Your show is one of the best parts of my toolbox. Thank you

    1. Thank you for being with us on your journey.