Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Open Discussion About Rehab - Why, When and How To Go

You think you have a problem with alcohol, and you have tried everything you can to stop on your own, and nothing works. You vacillate between “I’m not that bad”, and “I need help”, but don’t know how to go about getting the help you need.  You think you may need to go to a detox and/or a rehab, but you are afraid.

What would it be like? How do you get in? Who do you ask for help and what resources are out there?  How long do you need to stay?  Do you need a medical detox?  What IS a medical detox?  How do you juggle the complexities of work and/or family life while you are there?  How can friends and family be helpful, and what is their role?

On this episode, co-hosts Ellie, Amanda and Jean, along with special guest Lisa, discuss their own experiences going to detox and/or rehab, answer the questions above, and also discuss the common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab, the difference between a detox and a rehab, and more.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Relapsed: Now What?

On this episode, we talk about defining relapse, getting honest with ourselves and our loved ones, finding help and support, and starting over. We touch on the early warning signs of relapse and how to quell that little voice that wants to rationalize its way into a drink. Our guests share their recovery journeys through relapse, which show us that recovery is always waiting for us, without judgment or fear. We can always return to our true, sober selves, so we must never give up hope.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sober On Stage

Many people share a common fear of standing before an audience . Whether giving a wedding toast, a sales pitch or a musical performance, alcohol is a frequent antidote for the jitters. Does sobriety make taking centre-stage harder or easier? Are we doomed to sweat and stammer without the use of liquid courage? Must we stay out of the limelight, or does sobriety make us perform better in other ways? Join us as we discuss our experiences in front of an audience, both before and after recovery.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Special Guest: Dr. John Kelly - The Science of 12 Step Facilitation

What Does Science Tell Us About The Effectiveness of 12 Step Treatment and Other Mutual Help Organizations In Addiction and Recovery? 

The most widely recognized 12 Step recovery organizations globally are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).   Most people who seek to get and stay sober are referred to a 12 Step recovery program at some point, and some people resist attending based on fear, shame, or the idea that 12 Step programs “don’t work”. 

Even within the 12 Step recovery community there is discussion, sometimes, about the effectiveness of these programs. Statistics are thrown around –both for and against – but what does the science say?  How effective are these programs?

Dr. John F. Kelly
On this episode, we were honored to have Dr. John F. Kelly as our guest.  Dr. Kelly is the Elizabeth R. Spallin Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, the founder and Director of the Recovery Research Institute at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the Program Director of the Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS) and the Associate Director of the Center for Addiction Medicine at MGH.

Dr. Kelly discusses with us how 12 Step recovery groups impact an individual’s recovery from a scientific perspective.   How well do these programs work?  Is there a difference in their effectiveness for early versus long-term recovery?  Are they more effective following a treatment program?  What studies have been done to demonstrate “success” rates of 12 step group members, and how exactly is “success” defined in this environment?

If you participate in a 12 Step recovery program, are considering participating or believe they don’t work but are curious to learn more, this show is for you.  

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Strength in Numbers: How Community Helps Us Stay Sober

When we find we have the desire to stop drinking, we may have the urge to get sober alone. "I can do this by myself" is a common refrain in early recovery. But the solo route is a difficult trek through the thickets of recovery. At worst, it may set us up for relapse; at best, it's a lonely row to hoe. Connection with other sober people creates a safe landing place where we can wiggle out of isolation and fear and into a community where we are loved and supported. Building a network of sober friends is one of the great joys of recovery. Community helps us stay sober, as we learn from each other: we learn about the disease of alcoholism, about how to stay sober, about being of service. On this episode of The Bubble Hour, we talk about how to build and belong to a sober network - from the "new kid" jitters, to the anniversary celebrations, to the gifts of sober meet-ups. Join our podcast community, and let's stay sober together!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sober "Firsts" - Part 2

Early recovery is full of sober "firsts”. They seem to come fast and furious in the initial weeks and months, and can be overwhelming at times. Eventually, the “firsts” are fewer and further between, but their infrequency can make them feel more jarring.

This episode is a continuation of an earlier show called, Sober "Firsts” - Part 1, which turned out to be such a rich subject that we continued the discussion. We covered everything from going to meetings to going to work and we even talked about sober s-e-x.

Note: We had so much to talk about, this show ran over our normal hour and is 1.5 hours long. 

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Special Guest: Greg Williams, One Year Later

A year ago, in September 2013 we interviewed Greg Williams and discussed his ground-breaking film, "The Anonymous People", which had just begun showing in theaters through a "theatrical-on-demand" format where individuals were able to request a showing at their local theater and then invited their communities to view the film. Word of this life-changing film spread quickly throughout the recovery community and screenings are being held all over the country and the world. 

On this episode we talked with Greg about the emerging recovery movement and the changes he has witnessed since the release of this powerful film. We also discussed his new project, Generation Founda transformative community story about the people of Houston who are fighting to save young people from the leading cause of death of their generation. Generation Found is a powerful story of young people, families, and their community believing not just in the individual process of recovery – but the community’s power to fertilize the soil of change.  To Learn More Visit:

Greg Williams is a person in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drugs since age seventeen. He is a health policy advocate, and award-winning documentary filmmaker who specializes in the creation of compelling and purposeful content. At age 30, "The Anonymous People" is Greg’s first independent feature-length film. His new film is bringing lasting solutions to the screen for one of America’s top health problems. "The Anonymous People" has already received widespread critical acclaim and a variety of industry awards.

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