Thursday, June 30, 2016

The First Year (Guest: Robin)

Milestones are an opportunity to take stock of how far we have come, and to celebrate the way that day by day, time adds up! Jean welcomes guest Robin, who recently celebrated one year alcohol-free, to share her experiences and insights. When asked what made her decide to quit drinking, Robin said (in her charming accent), "Well it was bad enough that I was getting old, I didn't want to be old and pathetic!" It is that kind of plain-spoken wisdom you can expect from this interview. Enjoy.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kelly's Story

Does being in recovery make it easier or harder to handle the curve balls that life throws our way? That is the question I will be asking Kelly, who will tell us if being sober helped or hindered her through difficult times.
We will talk about everything from kids to yoga to travelling. An interesting lady with lots of wisdom and insights to share!

Sobriety Through a Crisis (Guest: Anne S.)

Ironically, the same difficulties in life that shake the foundations of recovery can be when sobriety is needed more than ever. In this episode, Anne (author of "A 30 Day Journey to Stillness" and joins Jean in person to share how she and her family have made it through a traumatic event that saw them evacuated from their community as it was threatened by out-of-control wildfires that displaced 90,000 people in one day. With just moments to leave, they escaped and could not return for weeks. This is a story of love, courage and commitment that will inspire you to keep going through rough times.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Update from Jean

Wondering where we've been? You are not alone.

Jean drops by with a quick update on what is happening with The Bubble Hour - where we have been and what is happening with the show.

Our mailbox is full of messages from listeners and we have heard you, loud and clear! You have missed us as much as we have missed you.

Listen to this update to find out what to expect in the weeks to come.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Re-Broadcast: Special Father’s Day Speaker Meeting With Frank F. – It’s A Family Disease

The heart of every show is our guests and their recovery stories.  Everyone who participates on the show is a volunteer, whose willingness to honestly share their experience, strength, and hope helps keeps us all sober. 

In honor of Father’s Day, Co-Host Amanda’s father, Frank, who is also in recovery, will join us on the show. Frank will share his own story and talk about what it was like for him to see his daughter showing signs that she was headed down the same path.

It is often said that alcoholism is a family disease. In this case, that certainly seems to be true, but this is proof that families can and do recover together.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Re-Broadcast: Adult Children of Alcoholics

Did you grow up in a home with a problem drinker? If you did, you may have been impacted more than you know. Adult Children of Alcoholics share several common characteristics. They tend to feel different or isolated and uneasy with other people. They are intimidated by authority figures or people who are angry. They seek approval from others and lose themselves in the process. They are people-pleasers.

They feel responsible for other people and put their needs before their own. They are terrified of abandonment, and will do almost anything to maintain a relationship even (or especially) if it is unhealthy. They tend to hide their feelings both as children and as adults. They often confuse love with pity and tend to love people they can rescue. They thrive on drama rather than healthy relationships because that is what they grew up with. They often become alcoholics, marry alcoholics or both. The list goes on.

On this episode of The Bubble Hour our guests will share their experience both with growing up in an alcoholic home and in a home with someone in recovery. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Re-Broadcast: SPECIAL GUEST - Dawn Nickel from She Recovers

Dawn has been in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol since 1989 and is well-qualified to work with women who want to recover their lives and pursue their passions.

What started out as a daily meditation practice using social media coupled with a heartfelt belief in her own life's purpose has since turned into a business called She Recovers that, at the present time, offers yoga retreats and workshops for women in recovery.

We are so excited to have Dawn as a guest on our show, where we'll talk all things recovery - including different pathways to recovery, recovering online and off, and share Dawn's inspiring story!